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A wealth of information on feeding cats and kittens. Should you feed canned cat food or kibble, what supplements are good and other nutritional facts.

Advantages of Buying Premium Cat Food

What you choose to feed your cat is one of the most important decisions you will make as a pet owner. Responsible cat owners should learn the advantages of buying

Wet or Dry Cat Food – Which is Best?

Cat food choices abound with fish, chicken, fresh flavors, hard crunch, chewy centers, and of course, wet mushy delectable bites. For a cat, their favorite is going to be anything

What to do if Your Cat is Not Eating

Ken Smith had adopted two black and white cats from the same litter when they were just six month old kittens. One of the kittens, Drexal, suffered from a permanent

Dry Cat Food – Is Kibble Safe for Cats?

Dry cat food is the most popular form of food fed to domestic cats today. Dry cat food is both convenient, clean and easy to feed, as well as inexpensive,