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If you are looking for cat information, check out these articles that cover everything from feeding and training to caring for kittens

Treatment and Prevention of Hairballs

The feline species is one of the most meticulous on the planet. They spend countless hours grooming and cleaning themselves. This process is repeated before naptime and upon wakening. The

Pedigreed Cats – Buying a Purebred Cat

Pedigreed cats are those that are of a certain breed. They have the same or similar traits, including length of hair, eyes, color, pattern, tails, and mannerisms. They are usually

Kidney Problems in Cats

Kidney problems in cats are one of the most common health problems that can affect cats. While kidney (renal) problems and failure are one of the leading causes of death

Cat Vaccines

The use of vaccines in cats has provided an essential first defense in the prevention of an array of disease. Until recently, there was a standard set of vaccines given

How to Wean a Bottle Fed Kitten

Few things can touch the heart of a cat lover like a newborn kitten that has been orphaned or abandoned. In order to survive, these helpless creatures will need intervention