“Learn what you need to know about feeding puppies and adult dogs. From selecting dog food to how and when to feed a dog.

What Human Foods Can Dogs Have?

Carlotta Cooper
Most people are aware that they shouldn’t feed their dogs certain foods such as onions, chocolate, raisins, and grapes. But people are often curious about what it’s safe to feed...

What are the Ingredients in Dog Food?

Whether you feed a homemade diet or a commercial product, the nutritional needs of your dog remain the same – healthy, balanced and nutritionally complete food in a palatable form....

The Downside of Feeding a Raw Food Diet

“Nurse to reception – stat – with a gurney!” booms over the PA system. Immediately the vet hospital mobilizes and an already busy Saturday night begins to take on the...

Prescription Dog Foods – Feeding your Dog

Heart disease, diabetes, renal disease, obesity, osteoarthritis, cancer, allergies, colitis – just a few of the diseases or conditions that dog food is now specially formulated to combat. Called prescription...

Ordering Dog Food Online – Pros and Cons

Lots of people today have begun ordering dog food online. There are some good reasons why a dog owner might prefer this method of purchasing dog food, but it may...