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Is My Dog Sick – Common Warning Signs

Dogs lack the communication ability to tell their owner when they are a bit under the weather. Often odd behaviors are an indicator of a medical illness. However, odd behaviors...

Motion Sickness in Dogs

If your dog has motion sickness, it can really make a car trip unpleasant for both of you. He won’t enjoy feeling nauseous, and you won’t like having to clean...

Dealing with Bad Dog Breath

it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Dogs often have bad breath. it’s perfectly understandable that while you’re attempting to have some sweet cuddle time with your guy his breath is...

Food that is Toxic to Dogs

Those big brown eyes look up at you longingly, willing your hand to break off a piece of your sandwich to share and no matter how hard to strive to...

What you need to know about Pet Insurance

Why purchase pet insurance? The simple answer is pretty basic, because pet insurance allows you financial relieve from any type of serious illness or accident. Unfortunately, as much as we...