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When your Dog gets Hit by a Car

It is a warm summer evening and nothing could be better then a walk with your best friend Sadie. As you stroll out your door, you forget to grab her...

Dog Diarrhea Causes

When your pet is sick, its natural to worry about what may be the cause behind the symptoms. When your dog has diarrhea, the problem is unpleasant for both your...


Giardia are parasitic protozoans or single celled organisms that cling to the surface or float in the mucus lining of the intestines of mammals including our four-legged friend, the dog...

Why do Dogs Vomit

Dogs vomit for much the same reason as humans after all we are all mammals and not that much different then our four-legged friends. Why do we vomit? Because we...

Hepatitis in Dogs

Just as in humans, hepatitis in dogs can result from a variety of causes, often unknown or only suspected. Indeed the term “hepatitis’” is a generic term used to describe...