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The last time ‘Fluffy’ went to the vet, he found a small lump on her right front foot that he told her owner to keep an eye on and to...

Sleep Problems in dogs – Canine Insomnia

Sleep disorders in dogs, such as insomnia or sleeplessness, are uncommon owner complaints. They are usually accompanied by only mild or moderate disruption of daily behavior patterns, which do not...

How to Remove a Tick from Your Dog

Finding a tick on yourself or your dog can be an extremely frightening experience. Not only are ticks nasty to look at, but they can harbor diseases, the worst being...

Putting your Dog to Sleep – What to Expect

The tie between a human and his/her dog is something really special. It is a companionship that expresses itself through a unique language, which is different from the way of...

Hookworms – Detection and Treatment

One of the most common intestinal parasites that can infect dogs and cats, hookworms can cause severe side effects, and even death if left untreated. Hookworms are named for their...

What Type of Shots Will My Dog Need?

For dog owners our pets are very precious to us. One of the ways we protect them is by providing vaccinations for them against diseases. Starting when they’re puppies and...