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Botulism and Dogs – A Rare but Very Serious Disease

In 2007, a food distributor of primarily human-consumed products issued a recall of their canned meat products. The recall of Castleberry’s food products contained one shocking revelation to pet owners,...

Tips for Finding the Best Dog Treadmill

When it comes to helping your dog (and you) live longer experts agree exercise tops the list. And let’s face it; we all want our dogs to live longer. Finding...

Tumors In Dogs – Are those Lumps Serious?

It is human nature. We hear ‘tumor’ and we think ‘cancer’. Who wouldn’t? With the frightening statistics that one out of every four people will die of cancer, we are...

Why is My Dog’s Nose Turning Pink

Pigmentation in a dog’s nose is determined by genetic factors, just the same as hair color. Depending on the breed, the dog’s nose may be black, pink, liver colored, or...

Should Dogs Eat Bones?

The age of tradition giving the dog a bone is now under scrutiny. Should dogs eat bones? Chicken bones, rawhide bones, and bones that are brittle and can break into...