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Get the information you need to help you feed, train and care for a puppy. We cover everything from choosing a puppy to training advice.

When do Puppies Open their Eyes

Some may shoot back instantly that it would be instantaneously but in reality the road towards complete vision is gradual, and one that is spread over a fortnight with eyelids

Should I Get a Male or Female Dog

Few new dog owners stop to consider why they should get a male or female dog before bringing home their new pet. Instead of weighing the pros and cons of

Feeding a Puppy Table Scraps

Most dog owners have been there: enjoying a nice dinner, you look down and stare into the desperately pleading eyes of your puppy. His desire is clear. If he could

Training a Puppy not to Jump on You

How many times have you visited a friend or family and been met at the door not by a human member of the family, but by the four-legged welcome wagon?

Training a Puppy to Pee Outside

Nothing says cute like your new bundle of furry puppy silliness, running around the house with feet too big for his level of coordination with your sock in his mouth

House Training my Puppy

Bringing a new puppy home is one of the great days in anyone’s life. There is so much joy and happiness, so much eager anticipation about all the fun days

Paper Training Puppies

You have a brand new puppy, and you’re certain that he is the absolute cutest thing you have ever seen. But that whole doing his business on the carpet thing

Puppy Proofing a Home

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting. You’ve prepared. You went to the pet store and made sure there was food and water dishes, plenty of toys, a comfortable place