Dog Training

If you need help training your dog, look no further. Our library of dog training advice covers everything from barking and digging to advanced commands.

Excessive Barking

Barking is one of the most common, as well as commonly annoying, vocalization methods of dogs. Wolves in the wild are believed to bark for only two reasons: as an...

Digging – How to Train a Dog Not to Dig

There are many different reasons as to why your beloved dog may want to start digging, everywhere or at anything. It could be that Woofer is bored in the house,...

Training Dogs Not to Bark

The best way to train a dog not to bark is starting the day you bring him home from the breeder. Often new owners do not discourage the behavior –...

Preventing and Dealing with a Fearful Dog

ear periods and understanding how a puppy develops is critical in raising a stable dog. Unfortunately, few breeders or new puppy owners understand how to raise a confident dog and...

Potty Training a Dog – Solving Pee Problems

There are a variety of methods to accomplish the task of potty training a dog. Some methods work better than others with different dogs. However, when you are standing over...

Crate Training a Dog – What you Need to Know

About ten years ago, the idea of crate training a dog became brilliantly popular. People flocked to the nearest pet supply store to purchase crates, bought the right books, and...