Dog Training

If you need help training your dog, look no further. Our library of dog training advice covers everything from barking and digging to advanced commands.

Training a Dog to Fetch

As the early morning mist circles around your ankles and the long grass in the meadow tickles your knees, you admire the sleek form of your dog as he bounds...

The Myth of Alpha – Part 1

Lee Charles Kelly
The idea that dogs follow the pack leader first began to take shape in the 1920s when ethologists (biologists who study animal behavior) discovered pecking orders in chicken coops. They...

Dogs Who Chew Their Paws

Dogs that constantly lick or bite their paws is a common complaint among pet owners. It is important to assess the situation in order to ensure that there are no...

How to Cure a Dog from Jumping Up

Does Muttsy jump up on you whenever you come home? Does he do the same thing when friends come to visit? Have you been telling him “Down!” or “Off!” with...