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5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Marriage

David Beart
If you have been married for a while, it is inevitable that your relationship has changed. For some couples, this change is positive, creating a closer relationship than ever before....

5 Tips for Dating a Musician

David Beart
You and your romantic partner likely agree on the essential things like monogamy, children versus no children, and spending habits. While the two of you work well together, your personal...

Planning a Safe Bachelorette Party

David Beart
Due to the recent health crisis around the world, many people have had to put off things like weddings, engagement parties, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. However, as things start to slowly...

How Hope Works

Dan Tomasulo
Of all the positive emotions, hope is unique. It is the only one that requires negativity or uncertainty to get underway. None of the others, such as joy, gratitude, interest,...