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VR Dating: Bizarre or Innovative

Blind dates are bad enough in real person, so is it really necessary to add a new layer of awkwardness by including virtual reality into the mix? Virtual reality (VR)...

5 Clues Your New Partner Might Have ADHD

Mark Julian
ADHD is an often-misunderstood disorder that can be difficult, even for trained professionals to diagnose. The term itself – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, invites us to make assumptions and associate...

Accusing Someone of Cheating

Stef Daniel
Something feels off. Your relationship seems to have reached a point where you just aren’t sure what is going on. You wonder if the love has fizzled out? Or, maybe...

Why You Should Live Together First

Yes, yes, we know. It is not appropriate for a couple to shack up together unless of course – they tie the marital knot. The problem is that NOT living...

What to Look for In a Husband

If we take as much consideration choosing a husband as we do a car; chances are we would get many more miles out of them than expected. Sadly, being in...