If your marriage is in trouble and you are looking for some divorce advice, check out these informative article that cover splitting up and moving forward with your life.

How to Tell Your Wife You Want a Divorce

All men are different. If you are wondering how to tell your wife you want a divorce; chances are you won’t find a really good script to use that will...

Divorce and Dog Custody – Who Gets the Dog?

When a divorce occurs, everyone involved ends up going through a lot of changes. From finding new places to live to deciding who gets to have the kids at Christmas,...

Keeping the Children First During a Divorce

There is no way around it; divorce when children are involved is a nasty business. That one time the child fell from the tree while playing (something we all experienced...

Is an Affair Reason Enough for Divorce

People often say that if their spouse ever cheats on them, they would never look at them again – let alone stay in a relationship with them. After all, affairs...

I Don’t Love Your Father Anymore

Stef Daniel
What is it you are supposed to say to your children? You have decided that the marriage you are in isn’t working, and that you will be a happier person...