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4 Ways to Say No to Difficult People

Tami Green
Just when I’m feeling Zen, confident I’m manifesting a beautiful life à la Law of Attraction, some-one in a bad mood or who is clearly not concerned about me enters...

When Relationships Can Be Really Tough

Megg Thompson
Three Blocks to Clear When Strengthening Your Relationship Out of the 2.4 million weddings that happen in the US each year, 827,000 of them end up in divorce, according to

How Do You Respond to a Guilt Trip?

David Beart
Guilt-tripping is something that we’ve all experienced, and it can be an incredibly difficult situation to navigate; especially if it’s coming from someone you love (which it usually is). Make...

How to Get Along With Your New Roommate

David Beart
After living on your own for some time, you have decided to share living expenses with a roommate. While you have great memories of your college roomies, that was awhile...