Marriage Advice

Practical marriage advice covering common marital problems such as commitment, disagreements, money and raising a family together.

Having a Baby – Creating a Family

Stef Daniel
The natural course of life takes most people to that spot where they either begin considering or finding themselves having a baby. Somehow, bringing a child into this world has...

Living a Lie – Is your Life a Scam?

If you were to ask your neighbor, how truly happy their married life was – what do you think they would say? What about the staggering statistics of people whose...

Sexless Marriage – Has the Love Making Disappeared?

We’re still debating which is worse: a sexless marriage or a chock-full-of-snores marriage. Both are grounds for divorce. Just as there are ‘state-of-the-art’ devices that are supposed to lower the...

The More I do, The Less He does

Stef Daniel
Sure, I realized that my husband had been working long hours. Not only was it evident on his paycheck, but it was also evident by the fact that he could...

Walking On Eggshells in Your Own Home

Stef Daniel
You know the feeling. It’s Saturday and you have tip toed around all morning, not wanting to prematurely wake up your sleeping spouse who has been snoring all morning long....