Marriage Advice

The Truth about the Jones’s

They live on every street, nestled in the corner cul-de-sac lot with the big SUV sitting next to the mint condition Harley Davidson. The basketball

The First Ten Years of Marriage

Probably the most over rated, disappointing and drastically changing period of marriage is during the first ten years. It is during these years that you

Setting the In-Laws Straight

One of the biggest walls in a marriage can be the in-laws. Before we get married, we often see our in-laws to be, whether we

Questions for a Marriage Counselor

For many couples, seeing a counselor for the first time produces many different feelings, including feelings of failure and even disgust. However, it is better

Marrying into a Different Nationality

Marrying someone from a different country no longer raises eyebrows these days, not in open, contemporary societies anyway. You stroll along the boulevards and avenues