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Getting Married in Vegas – Pros and Cons

Everything You Need to Know to Tie the Knot in Vegas‘ Las Vegas has long been the home of the most marriages recorded per year in the United States. Perhaps...

Gift Ideas for Wedding Anniversaries

When their anniversary date comes around, husbands and wives are sometimes at a loss, scampering for wedding anniversary gift ideas. Some people go with tradition while some prefer to do...

Should I Keep My Maiden Name

Stef Daniel
It is surprising that even after the evolvement of women’s lib and all the progress that women have made in the world that so many are so easily willing to...

How Much to Spend on a Wedding Present

Stef Daniel
Whether it is your best friend, a family member or a co-worker; wedding presents seem to cause much anxiety for the people buying them. You don’t want to appear cheap;...

Wedding Favors – Gift Ideas for your Guests

We hope you like sugar-coated almonds because these are what you might get when you attend the next wedding. Wedding favors have come full circle, dating back to the aristocracy...