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Selecting a Bathroom Mirror

When decorating or remodeling a bathroom it is basically a given you will be heading into the stores focused on the difficult task of selecting a bathroom mirror. In traditional...

Safer Bathing for Seniors & Disabled

Rodney Miles
God bless the free market! Now more than ever, products that make bathing safe and enjoyable for seniors and disabled persons are readily available. As needs arise in North America...

Choosing a Color Scheme for a Bathroom

With the busy lives we live today a bathroom can often be the one place in your home where you are guaranteed privacy and a little peace and quiet. No...

Dealing with Water Problems in the Bathroom

Penny Swift
Water damage within the home can be devastating. Carpets, upholstered furniture, flooring, ceilings and even wall finishes can all be wrecked by water, not to mention fittings and appliances. For...

Bathroom Color Schemes

Penny Swift
Bathrooms can be difficult spaces to decorate, even when we have planned them from scratch ourselves. They are often small and awkward and there is not always a lot to...