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How To Remove Wallpaper

There is little evidence of the use of wallpaper in homes in the United States before the mid-eighteenth century. Before that time, the walls in American homes were treated with...

New Trends in Bedroom Design

Sanctuary. Retreat. These are the key words that describe what the bedroom represents to many people in today’s hectic, economically uncertain world. People want a place they can come to...

Choosing a Bunk Bed for your Child

Penny Swift
Bunk beds are great for little people, not only to save space, but to extend space as well. But when choosing a bunk bed for your child, you need to...

Decorating A Little Girl’s Room

There’s hardly anything more fun or rewarding than decorating a little girl’s room. It takes us back to the days of our own childhood, filling our minds with wonderful memories....

Picking Lights for the Bedroom

While the bedroom is meant to be a place for rest and relaxation, in today’s home this room often becomes a multi-purpose room. For this reason, picking lights for the...