Building a House

Our building a house section covers everything from framing to electrical, installing windows, doors, flooring and much more.

Benefits of a Blue Roof House

David Beart
First conceived as an environmental solution for stormwater management little more than a decade ago, a blue roof is part of a technologically advanced, low-cost system designed to protect our...

4 Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioning

David Beart
Your air conditioning (AC) system is one of the most important components of your home. There are a few different methods which you may use to improve how your AC...

Energy Efficient Roof Shingles

The right roof is essential to designing an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient home. If you’ve got typical shingles or hot asphalt on your roof—as many homeowners do—you could be doing...

Custom Made Front Doors

The front door of any house is the dividing point between the inside of the home and the outside. That’s obvious. It is also the usual point of entry, and...