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General Building

Learn more about tips and tricks to building a house from the ground up. These articles cover everything from plumbing and floor plans to flooring and painting

Energy Efficient Roof Shingles

The right roof is essential to designing an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient home. If you’ve got typical shingles or hot asphalt on your roof—as many homeowners do—you could be doing

Green Roofs for Suburban Homes

Most people spend time and money trying to remove moss and vegetation from the roofs of their homes. They do so because they consider it to be dirty and ugly,

Framing with Treated Lumber

Penny Swift
Wood is a primary element in a large percentage of North American homes, most notably those that are built using popular timber-frame construction methods. Apart from the framework that forms

New Trends Home Insulation

Penny Swift
Today many of the most important new trends in home insulation relate to sustainability and the need for us to quite simply find ways to save energy. It isn’t just

New Trends in Home Building

Penny Swift
While most of the latest trends in the home building industry relate to energy-efficiency and conservation of water, and in fact sustainability in general, there is also a noticeable trend

Energy Efficient Roofing Systems

Penny Swift
If you’ve ever climbed onto a roof on a sunny day in mid-summer, or even stood under a roof that isn’t properly insulated, you’ll know just how hot a roof

Reasons to Build a Green Built Home

Penny Swift
Buildings are said to be the biggest source of greenhouse gases in North America, not vehicles. Additionally, the building industry has been accused of being the largest contributor to global

Cost Breakdown of Building a House

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Professional builders and quantity surveyors know how important it is to have accurate estimates and costings when doing any form of construction. They also know how important it is to