Plumbing and Heating

Learn more about plumbing and heating within the home, we cover tubs, toilets as well as showers

Selecting a Hot Water Heater

Penny Swift
We all need hot water heaters in our homes, so if you’re building one of your own, sooner or later you’re going to find yourself selecting a hot water heater....

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Penny Swift
Some experts say that the average homeowner in North America spends about $1,000 every single year on heating and cooling their houses. That’s close to half of what the estimated...

On Demand Water Heaters – Pros and Cons

Penny Swift
On demand point-of-use or instant water heaters are relatively small appliances that produce hot water instantly, when we need it. Most do not incorporate any sort of tank, and only...

Water Efficient Shower Heads

Penny Swift
It is generally accepted that you will save water if you shower rather than bath. Apart from that it is considered a healthier option, since when you shower you have...

Water Efficient Toilets

Penny Swift
Toilets are said to be among the most wasteful appliances in our homes. They can account for as much as 30% of total residential indoor water use. Every day of...

Heating your Home with Wood

Penny Swift
In the years before we started plundering the earth in search of fossil fuels, most people used to burn wood to heat their homes. According to the United States Department...