General Cleaning

Check out this section to learn the tips and tricks to keeping your house clean. We believe there is no stain to big to remove and will help with all your cleaning projects.

4 Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner Clean

David Beart
There are not too many household chores that are going to pay off like scheduling regular, professional AC maintenance. By having a plan, a homeowner can avoid expensive breakdowns and...

7 Simple Ways to Cut Your Cleaning Time

David Beart
According to a study by the American Cleaning Institute, some Americans spend more than 7 hours doing the cleaning. Well, come to think of it. Seven hours doing cleaning can leave you...

How to Clean Blood Stains

Whatever the reason, you might just have to confront some bothersome blood stains in your house or on your clothes. Perhaps you’ll have to deal with a blotch of blood...

How to Clean a Matttress

Mattresses are home to a whole host of things that we generally don’t like to think about. Dead skin cells, along with a wide variety of mites, dust, oils, and...

How to Clean Pen from a Leather Couch

There is nothing more functional, and beautiful than fine leather furniture. Even though leather sofas are more expensive than those covered with faux suede or upholstery are – they are...