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How to Choose Cleaning Business Insurance for Your Agency

David Beart
Cleaning business insurance, also referred to as janitorial services insurance, includes commercial vehicle insurance, general liability insurance, workers compensation and much more. Any cleaning business, ranging from residential maid agencies...

How to Clean Blood Stains

Whatever the reason, you might just have to confront some bothersome blood stains in your house or on your clothes. Perhaps you’ll have to deal with a blotch of blood...

How to Clean a Matttress

Mattresses are home to a whole host of things that we generally don’t like to think about. Dead skin cells, along with a wide variety of mites, dust, oils, and...

How to Clean Pen from a Leather Couch

There is nothing more functional, and beautiful than fine leather furniture. Even though leather sofas are more expensive than those covered with faux suede or upholstery are – they are...

Red Wine Stains – How to Remove Them

All it takes is one tiny spill on a white garment or carpet to ruin your enjoyment of a fine red wine. Fortunately, there is almost always a happy ending...

Removing Cat Pee from a Duvet

Cat pee is vicious. Unlike dog urine, cat urine will cling to anything it can with a striking smell that just refuses to be washed away. In most cases, cats...