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Front Loading Washing Machines

“If you buy that washer, mom, don’t put it in the laundry room”, the girl said, closely eyeing the front loading washing machine in the appliance store. “Why?” her mother...

There’s No Excuse for a Messy House

Stef Daniel
It’s commonplace to hear about the different types of people in this world. “Type A” personalities are those people that have a knack for keeping everything in place, for being...

Stain Removers that Work

Before giving you a list of stain removers, let’s get to the basics. One thing to understand is to treat the stained fabric as soon as possible. It’s the same...

Tips for Washing Clothes

Did you say “tips for washing clothes?” Doing laundry is like doing the world’s oldest profession, pardon such a crass comparison. We do it about 52 times a year (for...

Removing Grease Stains from Clothing

Stef Daniel
There are two important steps before removing stains from clothing. The first step is to identify the type of fabric. For example, if the fabric is made of rayon, silk...