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Learn all you need to know about adding carpet, tile and hardwood flooring to your home.

Area Rugs for the Bedroom

When you want to add instant flair and character to your bedroom, start with the floor. An area rug can bring a room to life, make a great focal point

Advantages of Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has many advantages over types of flooring. This type of flooring adds value warmth and style to new as well as newly renovated homes. Installation will cost more

Different Types of Hardwood Flooring

Jon Wurtmann
Hardwood floors are by far the most popular choice in wood flooring, and for good reason. First, they wear exceptionally well, and second, there’s an unlimited selection of wood types,

Preparing Wooden Subfloors – The Base Floor

Wooden subfloors have their own unique set of issues that you need to address prior to installation of the final flooring, or you’ll be hearing about it in the years

Engineered Wood Flooring – Pros and Cons

Wood flooring has a timeless look that can add tremendous warmth to a new or newly remodeled home. It gives an incomparably timeless look to any home allowing for any

Caring for Your Hardwood Floor

Jon Wurtmann
The beauty of a hardwood floor comes with a price attached; they require vigilance and maintenance to keep them looking and performing at their best. Most people find the little