Learn all you need to know about adding carpet, tile and hardwood flooring to your home.

Wood Flooring Technology Simplified

To the unsuspected eye, all wood flooring looks the same. However, when you look under the hood you soon discover that the world of wood flooring includes two rival construction...

New Trends in Wood Flooring

Jon Wurtmann
There’s no question that wood has long reined as the most popular of floor coverings, but it’s now enjoying a renaissance with new products, species, techniques, and “green” considerations. Let’s...

Flooring Options for the Bedroom

Choosing flooring for a bedroom should not be a hum-drum process but should be approached with a lot thought given to the purpose of each room to be covered. After...

Selecting Unfinished Solid Flooring

Jon Wurtmann
The gold standard in wooden floors has long been solid hardwood or softwood boards, milled to tongue and groove edges and nailed into a wooden subfloor. Yes, it’s old-school, but...