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Learn all you need to know about adding carpet, tile and hardwood flooring to your home.

Ceramic Tiles for Kitchen Floor

Paul Mroczka
If you’re interested in giving your kitchen a distinctive, upscale look then you should consider ceramic tiling. Although it’s certainly a matter of taste, when you compare the rich look

Heated Flooring in the Bathroom

There is nothing like the feel of a warm floor beneath your bare feet. And the floor that is usually the coldest and has the most bare feet on it

Wood Flooring Technology Simplified

To the unsuspected eye, all wood flooring looks the same. However, when you look under the hood you soon discover that the world of wood flooring includes two rival construction

New Trends in Wood Flooring

Jon Wurtmann
There’s no question that wood has long reined as the most popular of floor coverings, but it’s now enjoying a renaissance with new products, species, techniques, and “green” considerations. Let’s