Regardless if you are looking to buy a new couch, replace a chair or select a new dining room set, we can help with useful advice about furniture.

The Art of Lounge Design & Decor

David Beart
In today’s fast-paced world, it’s safe to say that true lounging and relaxation is a lost art. The great majority of us will just tumble through our everyday life, jumping...

How to Choose the Best Parasols?

David Beart
What is the best parasol? The answer to this question is- that depends. It is not easy to buy the best parasol as several factors need to be considered. Modern...

How Versatile Is Reclaimed Wood?

If you’re looking for a room makeover and you’re still unsure which direction you might go in when it comes to the furniture you want to use, you’ll find our...

Canadian Made Furniture Companies

There are a plenty of great furniture companies in Canada but here is our list of ones that offer quality made furniture at a fair price. Palliser In this one-size-fits-all...

Top 10 Hand-Crafted Custom Furniture Companies

There are a lot of great companies out there making hand-crafted furniture, but here is our top 10 based on their commitment to quality and design. Simply Amish Simply Amish...

Comparison Shopping for Furniture

We all love a bargain, don’t we? But often times the lower priced item is not necessarily a bargain. This is certainly true when it comes to purchasing furniture. Inexpensive...