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Wood Finishes 101

Aedan Kiernan
Wood is a very complex material, and the products we use to treat wood are even more complex. To the untrained eye some wood finishes look the same, but in

5 Tips To Cure A Renovation Cleanup Hangover

Renovations can get crazy, fast. Nothing is in its usual place; life feels chaotic; and, no matter how small or large the project, it always requires a big cleanup operation.

Buying Extended Warranties on Appliances

Many conscientious consumers go the extra mile when they shop for household appliances – like DVD players or dishwashers or microwaves – and purchase an extended warranty. They want to

The Cost of Furnishing a Home from Scratch

Regardless of whether your home is a 4000 square foot dream home or an 800 square foot condominium, furnishing a home from scratch can be a daunting task. To create

How to Make your Home Suitable for the Elderly

Living with elderly people often comes with a lot of change. Getting old takes its toll on the body, and the average elderly citizen has different needs and limitations. As