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Regardless if you are looking paint a bedroom, kitchen or the exterior of your home, we can help with useful advice about paints and painting a house.

How to Recycle Your Paint

Think back to your last home improvement project—remodeling, painting your house, changing the color of a room. Did you have leftover paint? If so, what happened to it? Statistics show

Interior Paint Color Combinations

Leslie Culpepper
Choosing the right interior paint color combination can be an agonizing decision. Not only is painting a room a time-consuming project, it’s also expensive. A basic knowledge of the color

How to Paint an Exterior Door

Paul Mroczka
Whether you have a new exterior door to paint or are going to repaint an existing door, the techniques are basically the same. Repainting an old door requires some additional

Painting Over Dark Paint Colors

Penny Swift
Paint is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your home. It is also one of the least expensive routes you can take to instantly improve its