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Why do Leaves Change Color?

The vibrant colors of autumn make this time of year a favorite. You may be wondering why leaves change color. To understand why leaves change color, you need to understand

Watering Plants with Distilled Water

If you have houseplants, you may want to water them with distilled water. The process of distillation removes minerals and chemicals from water. You are left with clean water that

Composting – How to Create Organic Soil

There is a secret to growing a magnificent garden. In fact, using the concept can make a novice gardener look like an expert. Composting is the secret to being a

Does Smoke Affect House Plants?

Smoke, which is a combination or mixture of gases, organic compounds and particulate matter, causes plants to drop leaves and causes epinasty, which is a downward curvature of leaves, due

Buying Seeds Online – Planting a Garden

One of the biggest temptations for an avid gardener is browsing online. And not just browsing anywhere, but on gardening websites and heirloom seed dealer pages. How can one resist

Growing Herbs Indoors

Whether you are a gardener or a gourmet chef, you are bound to be hooked on having fresh herbs at your disposal. If you haven’t got into the herb craze

How To Make Flowers Last Longer

A little extra care makes any flower arrangement – or fresh bouquet – last longer. Part of the appeal for fresh cut flowers is the fact their beauty is fleeting…

Did You Know That Flowers Speak

There’s little doubt that flowers are beautiful, many have perfume aromas that stir the senses, and the act of giving and receiving flowers is woven into the very fabric of

Ordering Flowers Online

With a passion for flower gardens, you are likely to find the varieties of bulbs, seeds and flowering bushes that are available locally to be limited. If you have a