House Plants

Regardless if you are a green thumb or new to keeping house plants, check out these articles that cover everything from choosing the right soil and fertilizers to how much water to give your plants.

Poinsettias – Also Know as the Mexican Flame Leaf

When the Christmas season starts setting in, you will find many houses having a common plant adorning their interiors. The vividly colored poinsettia.  Although it looks very colorful, it isn’t...

House Plants for Beginners

Rodney Miles
You don’t have to have a green thumb to beautify your house with greenery. Houseplants thrive on very little TLC. Understand the needs of individual species, and your plants can...

Home Remedies for Killing Bugs

Are you shying away from creating a beautiful organic garden because of those irritating bugs that destroy the beautiful flowers and eat the vegetables? Well now there is no need...