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Regardless if you are planting a new lawn or trying to get rid of weeds our landscaping section can help improve the look of your yard.

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy All Summer Long

David Beart
With its abundance of beautiful weather and warm temperatures, summer is the season of memorable journeys, relaxing vacations and outdoor recreation. Additionally, as any seasoned homeowner can attest, summer is

How to Banish Brown Patches on Your Lawn

An inviting green carpet of lawn is what we all strive for, so it’s a sorry day for the proud gardener when brown patches appear. What went wrong? Well, it

Marigolds – Trivia and Information

Marigolds are fabulous flowers that are easy to grow, relatively problem-free, and quite attractive. There are several varieties and they can grow in just about any climate with proper care.

Holly – Trivia and Information

We all know that holly is used for Christmas decorating. But what else? Most people seem to think they know what it is, but can’t identify it past being a

Sod – Choosing, Preparation and Planting

Sod is mature lawn that has been grown and cared for by professional grass growers, and is cut into thick sheets or squares (with the roots still in tact). It

Roses – Trivia and Information

A rose is one of the most recognizable flowers in the United States and around the world. Its fragrance and soft petals, not to mention sharp thorns, make it distinguishable