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Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Layout

Paul Mroczka
The Keystone for Your Counter and Cabinet Layout—the Classic Work Triangle If you have ever had to prepare and cook meals in a cramped, ill-designed kitchen, you’ve known frustration firsthand....

Define your Kitchen Style

Penny Swift
Whatever sort of lifestyle you favor, nowadays the kitchen is generally the most frequently used room in the house. For this very reason, it is a room that deserves special...

Choosing Granite Kitchen Counters

Paul Mroczka
Granite countertops in the kitchen have become very popular and are extremely stylish. There are many reasons for granite’s popularity. It is a natural product and each counter, which is...

Decorating Ideas for a New Kitchen

Penny Swift
Designing kitchens can be a great challenge because these rooms need to work in a practical way, yet we want them to look attractive and to be inviting. Decorating a...