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Learn all you need to know about decorating and designing a kitchen. A wealth of information about kitchen cabinets, counter tops and must haves.

Wiring a Kitchen for the Future

Paul Mroczka
Do you know what you need to prepare for when wiring your kitchen for the future? When you consider what life was like less than twenty years ago and what

Updating the Look of the Kitchen

With quick advancements in design technique homeowners often find themselves looking for inexpensive but dramatically noticeable options for updating the look of the kitchen. Hundreds of design and decorating options

Popular Kitchen Colors

Penny Swift
Whether you are planning or designing a new kitchen or renovating an old one, one essential aspect will be to choose a color scheme that works for you and for

New Trends in Kitchen Countertops

Penny Swift
The kitchen is so often the heart of a home, that it is not surprising manufacturers make the effort to constantly improve and add to the choice of kitchen countertops.