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Living Room

Regardless if you need help picking living room paint colors or new furniture, we can help with a wealth of information that covers decorating and designing living rooms.

Decorating Tips for a Living Room

Living rooms come in all shapes and forms, some of which are big and some really quite small. So when it comes to looking for decorating tips for a living

Decorating a Small Living Room

Successfully decorating small spaces can be a lot more difficult than decorating large areas and rooms. Decorating a small living room is no exception, especially if you are working on

Living Rooms Designed For Living

Remember growing up and the living room was the special room that only got used when company came? Perhaps there were even clear furniture covers over the seating to protect

Buying Artwork for the Living Room

Your living room is probably the most visible and public room of your entire house. It is in this room where your family will bond and guests will be received

Is that Couch or Sofa Pet-friendly?

Do you have a “no animal on the furniture” rule that always gets ignored? If you have a furry pet, then your answer is most likely a resounding “Yes!” Never

Common Design Questions

Anoushka Allum
There are a few common design questions that as a designer I frequently get asked when working with clients, these include: How do I plan where my furniture needs to