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CBD for Cats and Dogs: What Are the Benefits?

It’s hard to shop anywhere these days without seeing cannabis-derived products flying off the shelves. Discover the benefits of CBD for cats and dogs.

Are you a cat or dog owner? Are you searching for natural ways to manage their illnesses? There are countless numbers of illnesses that can affect your dog and cats. Some are easy to treat while others require serious attention. Though vets can prescribe medicine, there are cases where opting for natural ways is the way to go.

During such cases, cannabidiol or CBD oil is an emerging alternative. But what really are the benefits of CBD for cats and dogs? Is CBD worth a shot? Continue reading below as we discuss how your pets can benefit from CBD oil.

Key Benefits of CBD for Cats and Dogs

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding CBD oil. Some people think it is illegal. Others believe it is a sham. In reality, CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant. But unlike marijuana, it does not have any psychoactive effect. What it offers, however, are therapeutic benefits. And these benefits can help your ailing pets. Before purchasing CBD for cats and dogs, let’s first tackle some of the therapeutic wonders of the product:


One of the most popular benefits of CBD oil is pain relief. Different studies show that CBD can help manage pain in different ways. First, CBD temporarily halts the body’s absorption of anandamide. This is the chemical that dampens the brain’s pain signals. The end result is your pets will feel a reduction in their pain sensations. Studies show that CBD can help reduce neuropathy. In addition, CBD can also help alleviate nerve-related pain.

CBD oil is also anti-inflammatory. This means it reduces inflammation in the body that results from various ailments. Ailments like arthritis affect older dogs and cats. When pets become old, there are likely to experience arthritis. And arthritis causes inflammation that leads to pain. It can also help reduce inflammation that comes with irritable bowel disease. The same thing goes for inflammation that comes with acute pancreatitis.


Much like people, pets also experience stress and anxiety. Some of their anxiety stem from specific phobias. Another form comes from separation from their owners. In some cases, pets feel anxious during travel. Others, on the other hand, feel stress from certain physical reactions. CBD oil can help reduce the stress levels of pets. But note that the process of how CBD oil pulls it remains unclear. What experts say is that CBD works similarly to anxiety medications.

CBD oil may target a type of serotonin receptor that causes fear and anxiety. As a result, CBD can lessen the stress symptoms of your pets. These symptoms include excessive chewing of things, aggression, and tremors. In addition, it can also lessen the instances of your dogs barking incessantly. It can also keep your pets from urinating or defecating indoors.


CBD oil also has anticonvulsant properties. This means it can help control seizures, spasms, and tics. In fact, CBD can potentially help pets manage seizure attacks due to epilepsy. Similar to managing anxiety, the process of how CBD does it remains unclear. However, the American Kennel Club Health Foundation sponsored a study to evaluate the use of CBD for epileptic dogs.

Seizures in both humans and animals happen when neurons in the brain go erratic. Initial CBD research shows that CBD oil may help regulate these neurons. They can help normalize the firing of these neurons and keep seizures at bay. Though there are drugs that can help dogs with epilepsy, some of them may have harmful side-effects. These drugs may take their toll on your pet’s liver and other organs. CBD oil, on the other hand, offers a natural alternative.


Do you often see your cats and dogs vomit? Nausea is a potential symptom for an underlying serious illness. It is also a side-effect of certain medications and treatments. To help reduce your pets’ vomiting, try using CBD oil. CBD is a natural antiemetic. It helps control nausea and vomiting. It also helps increase appetite.

Observers believe that CBD oil activates 5-HT1A receptors. These receptors can help reduce nausea. It also helps suppress the vomiting reflex. The great thing about CBD oil is it doesn’t come with the negative side-effects of synthetic medicine. Some of these side-effects may include lethargy, diarrhea, hypotension, and excessive drooling. Some animals also experience lack of appetite, as well as strong levels of sedation.


Before anything else, CBD oil is not a miracle drug. It does not conclusively cure cancer. However, it is an excellent alternative to chemotherapy. Research shows that CBD may help slow down tumor growth. It strengthens the immune system to fight off cancer cells. There is also a study that says CBD can help protect rats from colon cancer. It may also help inhibit the growth of glioma cells.

In addition, other studies show that CBD can help enhance the efficacy of chemotherapy.

Again, the anticancer properties of CBD still need to undergo more research. But so far, the initial studies are quite promising.

Improves Heart Health 

There are also studies that show positive benefits of CBD on pets’ cardiovascular health. First, CBD can help decrease damages on the blood vessels. There are cases wherein irregular heart rates cause issues on the blood vessels. In some cases, heart problems can cause your pets’ arteries to dilate. CBD oil can also help lower blood pressure and heart rate. In turn, this will help normalize your pets’ stress levels.

Protects the Nervous System 

Apart from protecting the heart, CBD oil can also benefit your pets’ nervous system. Do you have an old dog, CDB may help protect their brain cells from degeneration. Some studies show the potential of CBD in helping patients with spine and nerve problems. There are also reports that show patients with Parkinson’s and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) benefitting from CBD oil.

There are also cat owners who attest that CBD oil can help their senior pets with dementia. Again, experts are still conducting further studies. But things do look promising.

Promotes Homeostasis 

Homeostasis pertains to the proper functioning of the body. This takes place when your pets’ bodies achieve balance. This happens when their biological systems are functioning at an optimal level. Some researchers say that the endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in keeping this balance.

Thus, stimulating the endocannabinoid system can result in homeostasis. This is where your pets can benefit, as CBD can stimulate their endocannabinoid system. This is one of the reasons why some pet owners add CBD oil part of their pets’ regular supplements.

Some Important Reminders

Don’t use CBD without precautions. If you don’t know what to do, start with the following reminders:

Go for Organic 

This is the first thing you need to consider. If the product is not organic, it means it may come with some harmful elements. Some of these products may contain fungicides, pesticides, and solvents, in some cases.

Analysis Matters 

You also need to request a lab analysis of the product. This will help you determine the amount of CBD that is in the product. This is because some sources sell CBD oils containing only small amounts of CBD.

Make sure you buy from a manufacturer that can provide a certificate of analysis. In addition, buy products that have little to no trace of THC.

The Safety Study 

Another factor to consider when buying CBD oil for dogs and cats is the safety study. This pertains to a test that ensures the safety of the product for your pets. This study helps determine the right dosage that will safely work for your pets.

Keep in mind that dogs and cats also have different metabolisms. What is safe for your dog can be harmful to your cat. A safety study should tell you if a product is safe for your dog or cat.

Find and Mind the Instructions 

When buying CBD oils, make sure the product comes with instructions. It should clearly guide you especially when it comes to the right dosage. It should show you the exact dosage amount that will equate to the best possible results.

Third-party Testing 

Do not automatically go for a product that is big on advertising and flowery words. Find out if a third-party lab tested it. This will give you an independent opinion regarding the product’s efficacy. This will help ensure that the benefits of the product do not have any biases. It will show if the product’s claims are accurate or not.

Don’t Scrimp 

As much as you want to save money, you should never jump on the first cheapest product available. The quality and purity of CBD oil are proportional to its cost. Regardless of the products you purchase, make sure they don’t have any additives.

With the help of CBD for cats and dogs, you have a natural alternative to traditional options. With proper attention and administration, you can maximize the benefits of CBD oil. Through continuous learning, you can also discover other alternatives for your pets. Check out our other blog posts on health and medicine. Arm yourself with knowledge and reap the benefits after.

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