Celebrating a Husband’s Birthday – Making Him Feel Special

Often, there is much forethought and effort put into planning a child’s birthday. And there is perhaps just as much thought put into a wife’s birthday. But like many things in life, celebrating your husband’s birthday is often one of those things that falls by the wayside. Not on purpose of course, but because men are often the most difficult people to please on the planet. If you ask them what they want, they won’t really tell you – and if they do tell you what they want, most wives will decide that their husband doesn’t really need it. Then, they are stuck with icky ties, hand made coffee mugs, dumb music, DVD’s of old movies they never really liked and other ‘dad’ things that serve no real purpose in their everyday lives. Yes, they like golf, but how do you think their boss is going to really feel when they walk in on your husband actually playing with his portable astro turf golf green.

So, answers are always in the asking. In order to make a quality article on how to celebrate a husband’s birthday a random poll was placed on FaceBook, to which 18 answers were given. All the men answering the poll, are fathers and husbands, and all the ideas they had for celebrating a birthday were opposite of what most of them received in the past 5 years. In fact, they learned to ask for what they want, by receiving what they didn’t want for so long.

The highest-ranking way to celebrate a husband’s birthday is to give them a day to themselves. Yes, birthdays are family events. However, men seem to love having the opportunity to spend some guy time with their friends. Whether it be fishing with their own father or friends, a round of golf with their brother or best bud, or an afternoon riding motorcycles without having their wife on the back of the bike – men crave to be boys again. Yes, they want to celebrate with their wives and children, but they also want to have some uninterrupted time to do what they love without feeling tied down to their family. Even if it is only for a few hours or an afternoon. The next best way to celebrating a husband’s birthday was to go out to dinner, where they want to eat. Even if the entire family hates Chinese food – they want to have Chinese. After all, they endured quite a few meals that were intended for children and wives.

Fathers with older children also showed a heightened interest to do things with their child. Nothing completely planned – like a day at the amusement park. Instead, taking in a baseball or soccer game, going to a movie, spending the afternoon riverside fishing with cane poles or some other activity where dad actually has something to teach their child. Days like this can be without hustle or fuss – completely planned for relaxation doing something that your husband likes to do. This is much easier accomplished when the children are older and not every second of your day has to be planned around potty breaks and eating. Days like this make memories for both you, your husband and your children!

As for gifts, it seems that most husbands want things that are interesting to them. This means no ties, no hand made coffee mugs, no whoopee cushions – but things that match their interest. If your husband is into motorcycles, then a part for his motorcycle or a subscription to a magazine. If your husband enjoys carpentry – then perhaps a new tool he has been coveting. If he likes music – a CD filled with his favorite tunes. You get the picture. Basically, if you have a photography-loving husband – then showing that you actually pay attention to and care about his passions by giving him a new lens, can go miles for making him feel loved.

Another thing that husbands seem to think is a great way to celebrate his birthday – is doing something with just his wife. Nothing like a romantic evening with the wife. Maybe wake him up that morning in an extra special way! (wink wink) Take him out for the night, once the kids have gone to bed and do something very grown up, that doesn’t involved iced cake or balloons and show him just how much you love him. You may be surprised at just how much fun you have! It could become a tradition each and every year thereafter.

While many husbands will say they don’t want anything for their birthday – across the board, each on the survey stated that they wanted to spend time with family. This may not mean they want to spend all day with you, but they want their family to remember them. Make your husband breakfast in bed, rent him a favorite movie, and cook his favorite dinner. The point is acknowledging his birthday in a special way. They may act as if their birthday is no big deal, but it is! It might not be macho to admit it – but men are just like anyone else and want to feel loved, respected, and special on their birthday. The best way to do this is to do so with family. Celebrating your husbands birthday doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive – but it should fall into line with typical birthday celebrations so that he feels like a king for a day.



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