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How To Clean Your Patio The Right Way

We always pay attention to our house cleaning and we tend to forget about our patio right about until you are hosting a barbeque over the weekend. Even in winter time there are plenty of days when the patio deck can be used for some fun time with the family. Your patio deserves a proper cleaning as well and it does not have to be an unpleasant activity. You can contact a great cleaning service company or you can do it by yourself following these instructions.

  • What to prepare before the actual cleaning

Make sure you have all the cleaning materials you need: cleaning detergent, scrub brush, pressure water, gloves and appropriate attire as you might get a little dirty. The next step is to remove the furniture and make sure you watch the weather forecast for the day.

  • Pressure Wash your patio deck

Many wonder if it is better to rent or to buy a pressure washer. There is no simple answer and it all depends on your budget. Renting one can cost around $75 a day, while purchasing it can cost between $100 and $1000 depending on its specifications. If you buy a pressure washer you can also use it for your driveway, rent it to neighbors and also use it for the gutters and vinyl siding.

  • Cleaning a Brick Deck

If you have a brick deck then it is important to check for loose bricks and stains before using the pressure washer. Try to repair loose bricks and use weed killer for annoying grass and weeds.  Check the manual of the pressure washer before using it on your brick deck.

  • Cleaning a Wood Deck

There are various nozzle tips for the pressure washer and it all depends on what surface you are using. Read the manual and see what it is recommended for a wooden deck. The right tip and nozzle are important as you do not want to change the color of your deck. Also, if you decide to use detergent make sure it does not bleach the surface of the wood. It might be a good idea to try the detergent on a small surface of the deck and to wait until it dries off.

Seal the wood where necessary.

  • Cleaning Concrete Decks

This type of material is the most popular one used for patios and it is also the most economical one. Check for oil stains before starting the cleaning process. Use a scrub and detergent for the stains before using the pressure washer. Give the stain a few minutes with detergent on it before starting scrubbing it. Use the pressure washer after reading its manual and choosing the proper nozzle for concrete decks.

These are the most important tips and methods to clean your patio deck and to start enjoy that outdoor space once again.

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