College is Stressful! How to Cope with Stress and Excel in College

It’s no secret that college is stressful. Learning how to cope with the stress is half the battle. Read on to learn how to destress and succeed!

If you’re a stressed college student, you’re not alone. Did you know that 3 out 4 college students claim to be stressed? While it’s normal to feel stressed every now and then, too much of it can lead to mental health issues, such as depression, which can even lead to suicide.

Why is college so stressful? Most students are living away from home for the first time, in a completely new environment, with many more responsibilities than they’re used to. The list goes on and on. Luckily, there are many activities you can do to relax your mind and body.

Keep reading for 5 tips on how to deal with the fact that college is stressful.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Exercising is one of the best stress relief activities for college students because most universities have a gym available. Whether you enjoy weightlifting or aerobics, getting the body moving is a sure way to melt away your stress.

Even taking a trip to the park and walking a few laps around the lake, for example, will do wonders for your health.

  1. Seek Emotional Support

Do you often say to your friends or family, “College is stressing me out”? It’s great if you can vent and confide in your loved one because that will allow you to blow off some steam.

If you need more emotional support, considering meeting and bonding with your classmates by joining a club or playing some sports. If none of that seems to work, you should consider seeing a professional who can help you with your emotions. Your college might have resources you can take advantage of, such as workshops or counseling.

  1. Adopt a Healthier Diet

Eating animal products, such as meat and cheese, could be contributing to your stress and depression. Conversely, when eating fruits, vegetables, grains, and other whole foods, you will not only look healthier, you will feel healthier.

Try adopting a plant-based diet for a few days out of the week for starters and see how you feel.

  1. Take Up Yoga or Meditation

If college is too stressful for you, consider dedicating a small portion of your schedule to yoga or meditation.

Both activities can be done in your dorm room or any other quiet and calm area and they work wonders on your physical and mental health.

  1. CBD Oil

CBD oil has been proven to reduce stress, relieve pain, and more. It could be just what you need in order to lead a more relaxed life. It’s easy to take because all you have to do is put a drop on your tongue.

Before using it, though, you should learn more about the side effects.

Are You Ready to Deal with the Fact that College is Stressful?

The next time your classmate complains about how college is stressful, you can share with them these 5 tips and maybe do some yoga together.

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