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Cool Crew Cut Hairstyles For Guys

It is not easy to get a haircut that is both practical as well as stylish. It is usually a daunting task which is energy-draining and time-consuming. Luckily, nowadays barbers have come up with a classic hairstyle that all men can choose for a chic and sophisticated look with little fuss. The crew cut not only reveals great confidence, but it also looks sharp. Besides, it is easy to create and low maintenance.

As such, crew haircuts are great styles for guys, who like appearing sophisticated and fashionable without putting a lot of effort in styling their hair. So, if you are looking for a haircut that will take from nine to five without needing a lot of styling, crew cut haircuts are your best bet this year. Take a gander at these styles and choose the best one for you.

1. Classic Crew Haircut

This hairstyle is short and neat style. The minimalist appearance of this haircut is the right option for a business haircut as it looks neat and tidy at the same time. The haircut is also very proportional and will look great when matched with a suit. So, if you need a professional haircut for an office, we hope this crew cut will be an appropriate look for you.

This haircut not only maintains your face well open from facial hair, but it remains quite polished throughout the day. In addition, it is an easy style to achieve and will save you a lot of time every morning.

2. Short Crew Haircut

Though you can choose a classic crew haircut if you need a short hairstyle, you can opt for this one of you want to go shorter than the classic hairstyle. This one offers even more practicalities than typical crew style. It looks more like a buzz haircut and also incorporates the back, sides and the top that has been shaped short. However, there is no significant difference between the two styles.

However, while the buzz haircut is maintained the same length all over, a shorter crew haircut incorporates tapered sides. As such, the haircut is able to remain true to the classic crew style and just keeps the length shorter.

3. Extended Crew Haircut

While most crew cuts are short, it doesn’t mean that we cannot have long styles. This crew cut hairstyle surpasses the typical length of the crew style which is normally an inch long. This one can go to two or more inches long.

Of course, if the hair grows taller, it starts to fall flat. Because of this, anything too long will not be called a crew haircut, which typically has hairs on the crown in an upright position. So, to make your hair at the top stand, you may want to use some hair gel.

4. Taper Fade Crew Haircut

Conventional crew cuts incorporate tapered sides that fade gradually from long lengths at the top to the shorter lengths on the sides near the ears. While in this haircut, the fading is done more subtly, a fade can be included to increase the intensity and blend the contemporary touch.

As opposed to a classic crew cut, the taper fade crew style includes sides that dramatically fades to show off the skin around the ears. When styled perfectly, the manes on the sides seems to fade away to give a sharp and cute aesthetic.

5. Texture Crew Haircut

Nowadays, most hairstyles are opting for textured appearance in order to get a more polished and relaxed look. The crew cut has not been left behind by this trend. By including texture, it looks quite temporary and chic. If you have natural hair with lots of waves, you already have enough texture, but if you have straight manes, you may want to boost your hair texture by using texturizing products. This is specifically the case for guys who find their crew haircut looking too fluffy after washing.

6. Side-Parted Haircut

If you think the classic crew hairstyle is quite common, then you should go for the side-parted look. By incorporating a side part in your style, you can make it the focal point and add interest to your hairstyle.

While you will find it challenging to side part such short hair, you can achieve that easily by combing your hair while wet.

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