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Cost Of Living in Dallas

Being position nine in the list of most populous cities in the United States, the average price of living is relatively high. It is vital to know note that in cities like Dallas, there is a very high demand for everything ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. However, there is a particular system in place that aims at controlling the population in the city to avoid congestion.

A good example of such a system is the increased cost of living by raising the cost of things like;

Housing cost 

High housing cost will make it difficult for low-income earners to survive in the city. That is because; high prices are generally used to target people with good jobs and fat salaries. Since Dallas wants to maintain certain economic standards, to afford to rent an apartment, you should be prepared to spend between $900 and $1600 per month. You should also not forget other amenities like gas which can cost ranging from $115 to $160.

Cost of food 

The cost of food also plays a significant role in determining your cost of living in Dallas. Typically, high-income earners tend to spend more on food. Statistically, the cost of food in Dallas can cost between $0.72 and $13 depending on what type of food you are getting.

Internet connectivity 

Today, the internet is something that some people need to be able to work or do business. Although a standard internet connecting services in Dallas costs about $45, you should know that you can always find a better deal with Digital Exists. You should never forget that the internet plays a vital role from education to security of your home. To enjoy a comfortable life in Dallas, you might want to consider getting internet installed in your home.

Transport cost 

The minimum amount of money that you can spend monthly basis in Dallas by using monthly transport tickets is $72. If you opt to use a taxi, then you have to part with at least $16 making transport in Dallas to be generally high. Another available transport option is buying your car which can cost you a minimum of roughly $25,000. Nevertheless, you should also be prepared to spend about $0.67 per liter for gas. It is, therefore, safe to say owning a car in Dallas can reduce your cost of living.

Medical care 

Although you can never tell how much you spend on medical attention when you are not sick, and medical insurance covers sometimes go unused. Anyway, there are some types of medications like antibiotics and painkillers that you might want to always have in your house. In Dallas, you will need about $34 to be able to afford all these medications in case of an emergency.


Like any other city in the USA, Dallas is one of the places that are perfect for someone who has a good and stable source of income. That is because you will need to afford all the requirements that will allow you to live comfortably.

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