Could A Heat Recovery System Benefit Your Business?

Businesses have bills to pay, just like the rest of us. In fact, as a business grows, its utility bills can end up representing a significant percentage of its regular outgoings. Anything businesses can do to reduce their energy bills and improve their energy efficiency is worth considering and a heat recovery system might be the perfect solution.

What Is A Heat Recovery System?

As the name suggests, a heat recovery system is a system that enables commercial and residential properties to recapture some of the heat energy that they would otherwise lose to the outside world and use it to heat fresh air drawn from its surroundings. No insulation is perfect; whenever we heat our homes using a central heating system we are going to be losing some of the heat generated.

A heat recovery system enables properties to put some of this otherwise waste energy to use, and in doing so reduce the amount of heat that needs to be generated to maintain a comfortable temperature.

How Do Heat Recovery Systems Work?

A heat recovery system takes the stale air inside your home and extracts it. In doing so, it pulls in air from the property’s surroundings to replace it. This air is both filtered by the heat recovery system and warmed by it, recycling some of the heat from the relatively warm inside air that is being extracted.

Heat recovery systems can replace other heating systems in a property, or they can be used to augment them and improve efficiency.

What Benefits Do They Offer?

You might be thinking that a heat recovery system is just another potential method for heating your home and nothing more. On the contrary, there are some very important benefits to heat recovery systems that make them an ideal choice for many setups. If you want your business to reap these benefits, you should contact a heat recovery system seller like BPC Ventilation, who can provide you with advice for both domestic and commercial properties.

Reduce Your Energy Usage

A heat recovery system enables you to improve the efficiency of energy generation in your home. Whether you replace your existing heating system with a heat recovery system or you have them working side-by-side in order to maximize their effectiveness, a heat recovery system means that you can heat your home for less.

Go Green

Heat recovery systems are more environmentally-friendly than most other options. Rather than trying to generate a significant amount of heat from scratch, heat recovery systems work mostly with what is already there and use this energy to heat fresh air as it is drawn into the home.

Improve Air Flow And Quality

The way that heat recovery systems work involves constantly cycling the air inside a property. This means that pollutants, dust, and other potential irritants and allergens are not able to accumulate in high enough concentrations to cause problems. For properties located in cities and other relatively high-pollution areas, this can significantly improve the quality of the air inside a property.

Heat recovery systems are a brilliantly simple solution to an age-old problem. Enabling users to recover some of their wasted energy to heat their properties is just one of the many advantages of using a heat recovery system.

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