Create 5 Face Masks Using Face Cake Paint this Halloween

With Halloween just a few short weeks away, it’s about time to start planning for one of America’s most popular holidays. Halloween is not Halloween without the quirky and colourful costumes that we have learned to create over the years.

While dressing up has always been a thing, nothing beats the painted face look which in recent times has seen an explosion in popularity. Even as you could paint your face almost anything, the classic looks such as the witch, zombie, vampire, skeleton, and scary clown are often a safe bet. However, face cake painting is not easy to do especially if you are going for a new look or have never done it before which is why we have written this guide on how to do the classics.


One of the oldest Halloween looks is actually very easy to attain without having to spend an arm and a leg on a black tattered dress or an ugly pointy hat. All you will need is purple, dark green, light green and black face cake paint and you are good to go. Here’s how to do it

1)Cut a hydra sponge in half and apply the light green paint on it. Apply the paint evenly over the face going as far back as the neck and as low as the ears.

2)Use the other half of the hydra sponge to hollow out the paint from around the eyes which will have the effect of sinking in the eyes and giving you the monster or zombie like look.

3)Using the hydra sponge, apply the purple colour all over the eyelids and the hollowed out space on around the yes. Apply a little bit of purple on the lips as well.

4)Using a medium round brush, apply some lavender over the eyelids to attain an eyeliner effect swooping out towards your temples

5)Still using the medium brush, do the eyebrows ensuring you get the paint in between the hairs for a more realistic look.

6)Finally, use the brush to add several small brush strokes of curved lines out of the corner of each eye and you are good to go.


For your classic zombie look you will need Ruby Red white, ruby red black, ruby red yellow, ruby red gray, and ruby red purple face cake paints. You will also need Mehron stage blood. An important thing to remember when doing the scary zombie look is to start with lighter face cake paint before proceeding to the darker ones.

1)Using a sponge, lightly apply white face cake paint in an outline that you can then fill in with a more liberal application of the white.

2)Lightly apply the yellow making sure to have it blend in rather than stand out from the white application.

3)Use a medium brush to lightly apply the grey face cake paint around the eyes. Apply a shade of black blending it into the grey. Using the medium brush and the white face cake paint, paint the white teeth on the mouth. Use a medium brush to add some blood red effects on the side of the mouth.

4)Outline the teeth and mouth with black face cake paint using a small brush. With a small brush and white face cake paint, highlight cracks on the mouth and all over the face.

5)Apply stage blood on the cheeks and on the cracks to make a scary looking zombie.


To look like a real Hollywood vampire requires pretty much the same ingredients that we used for the zombie face cake painting. We will be using Ruby Red White, Ruby Red Black, Ruby Red Red Face, Ruby Red Purple facepaint and Mehron Stage Blood.

1)Apply the white face cake paint as a base

2)Use a medium brush to apply the purple above the yes and all over the eyelids

3)Using a small and medium brush enhance the look of the eyebrows with black paint to make the eyebrows seem bushier.

4)Using a medium brush and red face cake paint colour the lips before adding in stage blood to make for a dripping blood effect.

5)Shift to the small brush and white face cake paint to colour in fangs on the lips, which you will then outline with the black face cake paint.


This is the easiest look to achieve as you will only be needing white, black and grey face cake paint.

1)Use a sponge to evenly apply the white face cake paint on the entire face as a base. Apply evenly all over the face and up to the temples.

2)Shift to a medium brush and paint with the black face cake paint around the eyes. To attain a more skeleton like appearance, make your black a nice shade of dark which has the effect of making the areas around the eyes look like eye socket holes.

3)Paint two thin triangles in black on the nose to simulate two nasal holes.

4)Shift to a thin brush and paint an upside down L on each side of the mouth extending out to the temples. Next paint the teeth outline on the lips with white paint.

5)   Finally, with the thin brush, paint cracks into the white base to make the skeleton look scary and really ancient.


This is one of the easiest procedures of face cake painting that achieves a very real looking clown without a huge budget. For this, we will need red, essential white, and essential black face cake paints.

1)Using one half of your hydra sponge liberally apply the white face cake paint all over the face.

2)Shift to a small brush add three lines out of the corner of each eye, then create curvy triangle on top and below each eye.

3)Use your medium brush and paint the cheeks, mouth and the tip of the nose red.

4)Fill in your triangles around the yes with the blue face cake paint and colour in their outlines with the black face cake paint.

5)With your medium brush and paint in the teeth along the lip with the white face cake paint. It gives a better look if the teeth go up to about halfway onto the cheeks

6)Finally, outline the teeth and the lips with the black paint using a small brush. Also, outline the nose with black and red face cake paint blending in the two.

Creating facemasks using cake paint for the Halloween holiday does not have to be complicated or expensive. With a few dollars, you can get almost any classic look that will wow your friends and family. Now that you know what you need and how to create that witchy, vampire, clown, or skeleton look, go all out and be the talk of the talk of the neighbourhood.

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