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Creative Ways to Utilize Your Garage Space

Are you looking for a new way to rejuvenate your garage space? Garages are notorious for collecting junk over the years. While this isn’t uncommon, your garage could have so much more potential than simply being your storage space throughout the year.

Once your clean out your garage of all the many things it has accumulated, you may wonder what you can do with all your newfound square footage. While the possibilities are endless, you may be limited by time or resources when deciding how to best utilize your garage space.

Here are a few of our favorite creative ways to utilize your garage space:

  1. Office or Studio

Do you need a designated space to work from home? Your garage could be perfect for that.

At first glance, your garage may not seem like the ideal place to set up a home office. However, you’d be surprised at what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make on your garage.

If an artistic studio space is what you want, your garage can be quite accommodating for that as well.

  1. Play Space

If you are the proud parent of an energetic child who needs a safe area to play, transforming your garage into a play space may be the best bet for you.

This can be practical during especially hot or cold months when you would prefer for your child to be playing indoors.

Here are some add-on ideas to help make the area a play space for your children:

  • Locate a strong support beam and hang a toddler swing from it, if the placement is ideal
  • Place a small table or two around the area for eating, drawing, and other crafty activities
  • Consider putting down soft padding to protect your child from the hard concrete flooring
  • Because this play space is already in the garage, you have the chance to experiment with potentially messy installations such as a sand box
  1. A Home Gym

You don’t have to drive to a gym to get access to fancy gym equipment anymore if you set up a nice home gym space in your garage. By clearing out the clutter and replacing it with mats, weights, and maybe even a motivational poster or two, you can create a nice set up for yourself.

Aside from making it easier to work out and exercise in your own home, an at-home gym can also save you from costly gym membership fees. The type of activities you like to do when working out will determine what you include in the space. For example, if you are the kind of person who enjoys cardio (first of all, kudos to you), you may want an elliptical or a treadmill in the space as opposed to more weight lifting equipment.

  1. A Spare Bedroom

You may have trouble picturing your garage as a cozy sleeping space, but with the right makeover, it can make an excellent spare bedroom. You should start with a nice new coat of paint and ensuring that any and all pests have been eliminated. After that, you have the freedom to furnish it however you like, and if you shop thriftily enough, you can make this endeavor quite economical.

A spare bedroom is great for many things, including:

  • A fun sleepover space for your children and their friends
  • A good area to house visiting friends and family
  • An extra source of income if you want to rent it out

Of course, many of these ideas are impractical if your garage door is defective or has any other issues. The key to being comfortable enough to work, play, and sleep in your garage is to know that it is kept up in good working order. By contacting a reputable garage door specialist, such as ADS Automatic Door Specialists, you can rest easy knowing your garage door will be well maintained.

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