Decorating a Christmas Tree – Lights, Bells and Glitter

Oh yes, the holiday season is right around the corner, which means it is time to start thinking about decorating a Christmas tree and filling your home with the fresh smell of pine (or plastic depending on your choice)! There are tons of ideas for creating a family Christmas tree that can truly be the centerpiece of the holiday season! Whether you are a sports fanatic or a die hard Christmas enthusiast; your Christmas tree can herald in the season with just a little imagination and creativity!

One really cute idea for decorating a Christmas tree is to choose a color theme. By using balls, ribbons, garlands and beads that are in a definitive color scheme you can create a tree that matches your décor and adds to the feel of your home. Using blue and orange if you are a Florida Gator fan can give your tree a life of its own and reflect your personality. Similarly, using yellow and white and placing just one red Angel at the top makes for a festive tree that looks professionally adorned and inviting. If you aren’t up for a sports theme or don’t really have a favorite color scheme to use; then using multi colored lights, balls and garlands can make the tree look like a cornucopia of color and enthusiasm.

One relatively new idea is decorating a Christmas tree with pictures. There are tons of ornaments available that are actually picture frames and using pictures of your children, loved ones, friends and other family members will drive home the spirit of the season. This is a children’s favorite and including pictures of pets and favorite things from Christmas’s past can make your tree a carnival of memorabilia that will serve to remind your family just how blessed they really are. When using pictures, the possibilities are endless and there are beautiful macramé crafts that can make enticing which frames to adorn your tree. One nice feature about using photographs is that each year as you bring the Christmas box down from the attic you will be unleashing years and years of nostalgic memories and be gifted with the reminder of just how fast things change in the home!

Many people prefer a proper and more traditional type of decorating. Some use candles (although not recommended) white balls or golden bows to make the tree look ornate and fancy! These decorations splashed with red bows, wooden holiday ornaments can give the tree a holiday feel fit for a mountain getaway! Some people decorate the Christmas tree with minimal decorations or use one type of ornament to adorn the entire tree. All this may sound a bit mundane, but it does make for a simplistic and beautiful tree all by itself.

Another option of course is to allow the children the opportunity of decorating the Christmas tree as they see fit. Chances are they have made plenty of keepsake handmade ornaments in school, popcorn garlands and will have plenty of ideas of how many Santa’s and Rudolph’s to place. Of course, you will find that the bottom half of the tree gets much more attention than the top and the undiscerning manner of children will make them proud of their accomplishment and truly engaged in their tree! For so many parents, it can be hard to allow the children to participate in the decorating since they seem to have very little design sense; but giving them this chance is resonate of how they feel about Christmas and no matter how many urges you have to rearrange and redo what they have done; leaving it will make for a holiday memory that your children will never forget.

Perhaps more important than decorating the Christmas tree is deciding which kind of tree to get. People who love fresh trees versus those who love artificial trees are definitely groups that feel strongly about their conviction. There is however something very special and reminiscent about a fresh tree! One idea for making the holiday season and the tree ceremony even more deeply embedded for your children is to find tree orchards that allow you to browse through the pastures and pick out your very own tree. This can make for a very fulfilling afternoon and many of them serve hot apple ciders, have campfires and of course Santa handing out candy canes. Running through a field of trees in the hopes of finding a little Christmas magic is really what the season is all about. For those who want to make an even deeper impact; try finding a tree in a large pot and planting it in your yard after the holidays are over. 20 years from now, you will have a row of Pines or Furs that will be a demanding reminder of all of your Christmas’s passed!

The tree decorating really should be a family event. Many people make intertwine tree choosing and decorating with Thanksgiving while others wait for the Sunday before Christmas to set up the tree. No matter what your style, your Christmas tree should say something meaningful about you and your family as well as your Christmas tradition. Holidays are one of those things that we never get the chance to do over and making them special, memorable and stand out in the hearts of our family is definitely important!



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