Decorating A Little Girl’s Room

There’s hardly anything more fun or rewarding than decorating a little girl’s room. It takes us back to the days of our own childhood, filling our minds with wonderful memories. There are so many incredible bedroom themes for pleasing a little girl, its hard to make a single choice. When you think of bedroom themes for a little girl, you probably envision rooms that portray princesses, fairies, ballerinas, Disney and Sesame Street characters, mermaids, baby animals, butterflies, dolls, flowers, Care Bears, ladybugs, hearts, or the ABC’s. Another way to decorate, is by simply using a variety of color combinations as a theme, instead of an actual object. This can also create a pretty room but maybe not as eye pleasing to a young child.

We like to think of little girls as sugar and spice and everything nice. A little girl’s room can be as pretty as you dare to make it. Normally, the colors used for decorating a girl’s room are in the pastel color range such as pink, purple, yellow, light green and white. However, if the theme you choose, supports colors more from the primary color scheme, strong, bold colors such as red, yellow, blue and green, they too can be used to create a stunning area for your little girl to enjoy, as she learns to understand that this special area is her own private space.

Because of the options from which you may choose, deciding on a bedroom theme is the hardest part of the project. Once you finally decide, you‘ll be surprised at how many ways you can incorporate that one idea into your little sweetheart’s room. Your creative energies will begin to flow and on the day the room is completed, you’ll stand back and look in amazement. There are main decisions you’ll need to make when decorating a beautiful room for your special little girl.

Choose a pretty paint color for the walls that ties in with the theme. Pick a color that compliments the theme. Using a border, wall paper or other pieces of wall décor will help you to match the color choice with the theme. You may also decide you want to use more than one wall color in the room for added interest. This helps to pull out varying colors and shades from the theme.

Choose the furniture. A wonderful choice for the crib and other furniture pieces in a little girl’s room is the color white. An economical choice would be to consider purchasing a baby crib that changes from a crib into a toddler bed as your baby grows. Other furniture may include a dresser and rocking chair. Having a place to keep the baby‘s clothes organized is an asset. A rocking chair will prove to be an invaluable thing and will be put to good use as you rock and bond with your baby.

Choose the lighting. It’s not so important as to the kind of lighting you use in your baby’s room, as long as you install a dimmer switch. Lowering the lighting in your little one’s room, will help calm your baby girl and give this special area in your baby’s life a soft glow. It also nice to use a small night light in the room so you can check on your baby during the night without disrupting her sleep. One word of caution…make sure all cords are up and out of the reach of little fingers. Also, you’ll need to be sure you put coverings on all outlets in the room to help keep your baby safe. Even though infants will not be able to move about the room on their own, it won’t be long until your baby has grown into the toddler stage. And toddlers are full of curiosity. Many accidents can be avoided if thought is used in the beginning of your decorating project to do all you can to help keep your little one safe.

Choose a window covering for your baby’s room. The curtains in your baby girl’s room can be as frilly as you desire but you will also need a way to darken the child‘s room. Sometimes using something as simple as a puffy valance over the top of a mini blind, will create a desired result. Do not ever place the child’s crib or bed too close or in front of a window for safety reasons. Once again, all cords, including those attached to mini blinds, should be up and out of a child’s reach, with no danger of the cord ever coming into contact with your baby.

Choose the floor covering. In most homes today, the floors are covered in carpeting. However, if your house has wooden floors, it’s an especially nice effect and adds a soft place to play, if you decide to add a large decorative throw rug to the middle of the nursery floor. Use a pattern that compliments your theme and is eye pleasing to your baby.

Choose accessories. Accessories can include things such as a toy box, colorful shelving to hold books and special toys and a crib mobile. These little extras will add to the overall look of the room as well as help with organizing your child’s things.

Choose wall ornaments. Wall shelves, pictures and paintings as well as theme designs made of fabric will give a lovely finished appearance to the room. Its also popular now days, to install large, painted wooden letters spelling out the name of your child as a wall decoration. As they grow, this will help give them a sense of who they are.

Areas of special interest would include purchasing a crib set that would include a safe bumper pad, a dust ruffle, a fitted sheet and a plump crib quilt to match the room’s theme. It’s also nice to have a padded cushioned set for the back and bottom of the rocking chair.

You have a special little angel in your home now. Over the next eighteen to twenty years, she will look to you for comfort, guidance and love. Begin now to plan her dream bedroom and watch as she grows. You’ll definitely be amazed at how fast time passes. Before you know it, your little girl will have baby angels of her own.



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