Decorating Ideas & Tips For Your Home

Every couple of years, most homeowners want to spruce up their life, make some changes around the house and update various aspects of the interior décor. That being said, it is always a fine line to navigate between following the reigning trend at the time and gathering classic, timeless pieces that will serve you well for years to come. Here are some decorating ideas that will make your home even more comforting and fulfilling to return to.

Neutral Backdrops With Seasonal Additions

If you are someone who enjoys the change in seasons then adding seasonal décor is a lot more sensible than following a distinct color palette all over the house or in specific rooms. Keep a neutral base in terms of curtains, rugs, wall paint, furniture and so forth and add in color, texture and décor item type as the seasons change. For the fall for example you can have dried pumpkins, foliage and spray painted pine cones and for the winter season snowflakes and wreaths. Keeping the base classic and neutral means you can have endless versatility as each new season approaches.

The First Impression

Arguably one of the most important aspects of someone’s first impression of your home is the lawn, porch and entryway. Depending on whether you live in a house or an apartment, work on making the entrance and the exterior as nice as possible. For an apartment entryway, use plenty of soft, warm light (such as having a floor lamp next to the main door) and foliage such as flower pots. Having some practical elements like a coat and shoe rack and a key organizer will also make your day to day life easier.

For a house’s entrance, get professional landscaping carried out on the lawn, add some fun items like lawn gnomes and buy some comfortable and stylish lawn furniture. Many people prefer porch swings and hammocks as a cozy addition but it all boils down to personal preference and optimal functionality. For people living in very cold countries, outside seating areas may not be a priority at all but a BBQ pit for example would be very welcome.

Create A Joyful Vibe

A useful starting point when considering an interior design concept is to note how you feel. Certain colors like beige, white or mustard can evoke feelings of coziness or clarity, for some individuals bright colors can relax or refresh them. Use personal preference as a measurement tool to understand which colors, textures, and patterns most appeal to you and make you feel at home.

Making mood boards using inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram can point you in the right direction when you shop for décor pieces or furniture. Layering textures and tones of the same color is useful if you are attached to a certain color like yellow or pink as it brings some visual variety. Fabrics can bring a lot of joy especially fluffy rugs and blankets and embroidered cushions.

Fabric is extremely vital to making a house feel like a home and providing comfort especially in the colder months. Before you work on creating a vibe that fills you with joy in the drearier winter months, have roofing inspections carried out by Miami roofing contractors as leaks and roofing material damage can spread fast when it is cold and rainy.

Organizational Solutions Can Be Decorative

Nothing is more beautiful than organized shelving and storage solutions. While a more minimalist approach to life has been fashionable since many years, organizing what you have in a simultaneously aesthetic and functional way so you can see and use it better is a great decorating tip.

Invest in slide out cupboards, organizers, floating shelves and convertible furniture so you can utilize the space available to you in the best way. Installing a window seat or making use of space under the stairs are examples of how to work with the space you have rather than attempting to make costly structural or architectural changes.

The Kitchen Is Where The Heart Is

The kitchen is a singularly adored room in the house for all cultures across the globe. The kitchen is where family and friends gather to enjoy food and conversation more than any other room in the house. When you are decorating, work with a designer or look up inspiration from social media about a design concept for the kitchen.

You can go luxe and modern or even rustic and countryside depending on what appeals to you. The décor such as utensils, vases, mats and even the kitchen backsplash will then have to tie in with that concept. If you are hiring a professional to redo your kitchen, always ask for a portfolio for interior design to discern if they are the right match for you.

Accents And Faux Paneling

If you are redecorating your home, adding designer touches like statement accent walls and faux paneling can substantially upscale the look and feel of the space. To add a sophisticated touch to inexpensive art, consider painting the frame gold or a bright color. It will also draw attention to the art especially if it is your own work.

Touches like vintage style wallpaper have the same effect of making a home look luxurious and polished without going over the top. If you are on a budget using marble or wood style contact paper is a quick way to remodel especially for rental properties where structural changes are not allowed. Before you put in molding on the roof, consult a commercial roofing contractor about any existing water damage so that it can be repaired and treated beforehand.

Follow The Lights

The lighting fixtures and solutions in any home massively impact how it feels to be there. Invest in stylish lamps in a range of styles and keep a few in every room for that warm luminescence that is calming to the senses. If you are living in an older house, changing out the fixtures entirely for new ones and having the wiring checked at least once every two years is useful.



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