Designer Dog Beds – Getting a Cool Bed for Your Dog

If you were to come over to our house you would have a little bit of a wait . . . You see, at our house there is always a mess to be picked up while we delay the company at the door. The first thing I do when the doorbell rings is pick up the kid’s wayward cheerios from the floor rug. Then, I move on to the half chewed bologna left behind by Bandit our golden lab . . . and his ratty old dog bed that looks like it was drug through the swamp, chomped by an alligator, digested and pooped back out. (You’re welcome for the lovely mental picture.)

Do you ever feel that way when company comes over to your place? You are rushing around to pick up your everyday items to make your life look more perfect. “Coming, Betty! Hold on just a sec . . . (pick up dirty sock) I’m . . . (remove poop from wee wee pad) on . . . (throw underpants in the hamper) my . . . (dust the cobweb from the piano) way (throw everything, and I mean, everything else in the closet) . . . to the door.”

While I can’t help you with the wayward underpants or the cheerios the kid’s left behind, when it comes to keeping your home looking a little less “lived in” and a little more “alive”, designer dog beds can take the yuck factor out of the places our pets lay their furry little heads.

So, as the moon comes out and the stars start to dance, enchant your dog with one of these designer dog beds that are anything but typical. After all, it will be one less thing you have to hide when company comes over . . . and at the very least, it will distract from the rest of the mess.

Haute Dog
If Paris Hilton were a dog . . . she’d sleep here. Hip and still somehow “socialite-worthy”, this comfy and trendy designer dog bed is just what the pages of Vogue would recommend . . . you know . . . if the editors all had tails.
While this bed is luxurious – the price is very economical making this a great choice for a diva on a budget . . . and a puppy with an eye for expensive style!

Wooden Wonders
Imagine this at the foot of a gloriously glamorous bed . . . which would you rather crawl into? I’m guessing if you were a dog, you’d pick this one! These perfect fancy, yet cozy, designer dog beds . . . this one really gives off an air of sophistication and invites tired pooches to come and enjoy the luxury of a nice nap beneath the covers. We only caution that if you have two dogs you get an extra . . . or else there will be a fight over it!

Rock a Bye Puppy
For the baby in your “baby”, this cradle is as soft as a binky and as comforting as mother’s milk. All that’s missing is your favorite little furry one, a limited edition of Goldie Pup and the Three Hares and a nice pre-bed snuggle. (And don’t worry . . . we promise not to tell anyone that your pup wears footie pajamas and you sing it lullabies you make up as you go along.)

Fancy That
Oh so “tea and crumpets” . . . your dog will “fancy” this luxurious bed that will have you just a little bit envious. Mahogany comfort meets modern urban style . . . and if you didn’t know the size of this doggie bed – you would probably mistake it for a human one! In fact, you might love it so much you’ll be wishing for a bottle from Wonderland to help you shrink down to size!

Good Morning Beautiful
Oh, la –luxury! This beautiful bed is nothing less than fine living at it’s, well . . . finest! If your dog won’t settle for kibble and has to have you cook up human food for dinner, then this bed is just what her fairy-dog-mother ordered. Your diva-esque doggie will love it . . . but look out . . . the pup-parazzi will be hiding in the bushes to get that perfect shot of at-home-pup for the cover of Pups Weekly!

When it comes to finding the perfect designer dog beds, the best place to begin is within . . . within your own personal décor that is. What do you already have in your home? What colors, items and fashions would compliment your furniture yet still stand out as %100 unique?

While many designer dog beds are beautiful and fierce . . . comfort is also key. Sometimes the beds that look the ritziest are like a great pair of Jimmy Choos . . . they make any outfit look one hundred times better, they lift your tush and turn heads . . . but they hurt like hell on your feet! So before you buy, make sure you test out the comfort factor of your puppy’s bed or else you might find that they wind right back up in yours!



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