Destination Weddings – Having a Wedding in an Exotic Location

So there you are daydreaming about what style profile your wedding will take on . . . you flip through catalogs wondering if you want to make your bridesmaids delightfully chic in A-line Anna Sui little black dresses . . . or if you want to steal the show by putting them in those retched hoop skirts with the little old lady hats. (Let’s admit it . . . the thought of the latter does make you rather chipper.) But after the bridesmaid’s dresses are chosen it seems that the wedding takes on a life of its own.

The flowers must match the aisle color. The chairs must match the aisle. The groomsmen must match the groom. The napkins must match the bridesmaid’s dresses . . . why? Who knows. I don’t make the rules I simply tell you how ridiculous they are.

But doesn’t it feel this way? don’t we brides get SO caught up in the look of it all that we forget to just simply enjoy this moment. After all, we were told it would be the happiest of our lives. Yes . . . Planning a wedding can be the most exciting time of your life . . . but somewhere in the little details it can become the most stressful too.

If you are about to tie the knot but you can’t quite shake the knots the details are putting in your stomach . . . read on to find out how you can make planning your wedding a little less stressful and still just as fabulous as if you sweated the small stuff.

Destination Weddings

Beautiful and best of all . . . completely low maintenance without looking it . . . destination weddings are instant wedding chic in a bright little ribbon-ed package. Sometimes the price seems a little steep but if you think of all the accessories save with the beautiful scenery nature created you often come out ahead.

Take a beach wedding for instance . . . by having your wedding on the sandy seashore with the tide coming in between your toes, you not only have the perfect settings for a perfect fairytale wedding day but you also have just taken several big ticket items off of your budget list. No more need for 1000 dollar Jimmy Choos . . . or fancy Gucci loafers for him. Bare feet make the perfect accessory.

And unless you feel the need to go all out . . . if you are in Hawaii, flowers grow wild on the vine. No need to overwhelm the budget with florist fresh beauties. Simply choose a site with plentiful plants for the background.

If you aren’t a beach girl, mountain resorts and cabins also have destination weddings available. Almost all have packages to choose from those that do the work for you. You can be as involved or as uninvolved as you like. Resorts often get the perks of buying in bulk so if they can do the accessories . . . let them. You will save an arm and a leg on floral arrangements and often times photography as well.

Princess Additions on a Cinderella Budget

  • If you can’t afford to go for the glitz and glamour, remember that romance, simple romance is as chic as it gets. If you can’t buy the big arrangements you like, pluck petals from a few fresh roses and place them on the tables. If you know someone with a garden, hydrangea bunches look delightful cut to the bloom and put inside a simple jar or pail . . . it’s very shabby chic.
  • If you can’t afford a photographer, ask guests to bring their cameras. Then simply pay to have the pictures developed. What is so wonderful about this is that you can pay as low as 8 cents a print at many drug stores and online. You also never know what photos you will get. This is a great honeymoon gift to yourself and your spouse. Have them developed while you are away and it will give you something to look forward to as you return home.
  • If you can’t afford parting gifts, have your parents or a friend get a photograph of every guest at the wedding in front of a beautiful place. Then send them the photograph in the mail with a special note that reads ‘we will always remember our special day. But the wedding wouldn’t have been quite as special without you there. Thank you for coming!’”

From destination weddings to small and simple touches, don’t get lost in the details . . . and if you do don’t believe the hype. This is a great time in your life . . . but not the best of all . . . this is simply the beginning.



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