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Do You Have Trouble Breathing When Working Out? (You May Have Asthma)

If you discover that you have trouble breathing while you are at the gym, you need to schedule a medical appointment for the doctor to test you to uncover the underlying cause of the shortness of breath.

If you experience shortness of breath, which is accompanied later on with a persistent cough or lingering colds, you might be experiencing early signs of asthma, a condition that both children and adults can experience.

It is perceived that someone who has asthma has to be very sick or has to be experiencing persistent wheezing after a short while. But asthma can be as simple as experiencing breathlessness for short periods when you are exercising.

What is asthma?

Asthma is a lung disease that is caused by the inflammation of the airways which causes the breathing tubes to be narrowed or blocked, resulting in a tough breathing experience.

For a person who has asthma, the lungs are usually susceptible to inflammation or irritation. There are exposures or triggers like allergies, seasonal temperature changes and smoking that can create congestion, narrowing of airways and formation of mucus along the airways. These triggers cause the formation of the basic asthma symptoms: coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing and chest tightness. But you should also be aware of the fact that asthma signs are not usually consistent.

It is important to be tested

If you experience any of the symptoms listed above regularly, ensure that you ask your doctor to conduct diagnostic testing. Asthma is usually very tricky because it is different for each person. This makes it important for someone to learn what they need to look out for, what needs to be avoided and how they have to manage the symptoms.

Asthma also has a genetic component. If the condition is running in your family, then you will most likely have asthma. But asthma does not have to exist in your family line for you to develop it. When your doctor prescribes medications to counter asthma, you can get them in your nearest pharmacy or you can use advair diskus coupon.

Conditions that mimic asthma

People with allergies, heart conditions, sinuses and acid reflux also experience shortness of breath. People who have asthma can also develop a disorder known as paradoxical vocal fold motion. This condition causes throat muscle spasms that make it hard for people to breath. This is usually related to the involuntary closure of the throat, or reflux when inhaling.

That is the reason as to why you need to go to a doctor for a confirmation of what you are experiencing so that it is easy to seek treatment.

Triggers of asthma

When you are exposed to particular substances and irritants that trigger allergies, it is possible for your asthma to be triggered. As we mentioned earlier, asthma is experienced differently from one person to another, and the triggers are also experienced differently. Some of the triggers include:

  • Cold air
  • Dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold spores or cockroach waste particles
  • Common cold or other respiratory infections
  • Exercises
  • Smoke and other air pollutants
  • Some medications like aspirin, beta blockers, and ibuprofen
  • Stress and strong emotions
  • Preservatives and sulfites added to foods and beverages like dried fruit, shrimp, beer and wine and processed potatoes.
  • GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) which is a condition where the acid of the stomach rises up in the throat towards the mouth

Factors that increase your chances of developing asthma

  • Smoking
  • Being overweight
  • Hereditary condition

Asthma complications

  • Side effects developed after long-term use of asthma stabilizers
  • Hospitalizations and emergency home visits after intense asthma attacks
  • Sick days from school or work when asthma decides to flare-up
  • Permanent bronchial tube narrowing that affects how we breath

When there are a proper diagnosis and treatment, you can prevent the short-term and long-term complications of asthma.

When to seek emergency treatment

  • When you experience worsening of wheezing or shortness of breath
  • No change or improvement after using medications like inhalers
  • Shortness of breath in the slightest of activities

How to manage severe asthma

An evaluation is needed for everyone who has asthma. You will be asked by your doctor about the frequency of the symptoms you have and how much you struggle with it in your daily lives. Your breathing will be tested and for some people, they will be given inhalers of other daily medications.

There is a group of asthma patients who will continuously experience asthma even when they are taking medications. It is easy for asthma to interfere with your life, and make it hard for someone to undertake a natural exercise like breathing. But to get rid of some of these symptoms, you need to undergo early treatment. When you notice early signs of asthma, do not hesitate to get treatment for you to feel better.

When you get medications, your doctor will monitor your progress over time and adjust the dosage, depending on your response to treatment.

Author Bio: Mark Alvarado is a freelance writer who loves writing about various topics throughout the web.

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