Dog Couches – Get Your Dog It’s Own Sofa

It’s a battle as old as the sands of time . . . the battle for the sofa seat that is.

Face it, the last time you sat alone on the sofa you were sweating to the oldies, dressing like Sarah Jessica Parker in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and trying to learn those cool moves from Flash Dance. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply sit on the sofa now and then without having to share?

Sure. We all love our furry friends, but sometimes we all need a little personal space. You could sprawl out; enjoy a bowl of ice cream or potato chips without a wet nose trying to inch its way into your spoon . . . or trying to nuzzle you away from your boyfriend.

With four children, a remote hogging husband, two cats and a lab who thinks he’s human, I can’t remember the last time I was able to sit on the couch with enough room to move comfortably . . . much less watch what I wanted on television or eat my OWN snacks without little hands and grubby paws taking away my last gummy bear.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If you are tired of giving up your rightful place on the sofa, maybe it’s time you invested in a dog couch for your favorite, sofa hogging pooch. You might be surprised at how modern some of the styles have actually become and how easily that can fit into and even enhance your home decor.

Dog beds are a thing of the past. These couches are, well, REAL couches and from the chic to the manly, these couches have went to the dogs! But don’t worry . . . for once, that’s a good thing!

Majestic Comfort
Doesn’t this jazzy sofa remind you of something you saw on an episode of Friends? We can just see Phoebe’s famed “Smelly Cat” sipping a warm milk latte in Central Perk . . . um we mean, Central Pup . . . sitting next to a science loving Pomeranian named Ross! Made of micro-velvet and ranging in sizes to best compliment your dog’s size, this sofa comes in many comfortable yet fashionable colors.

Very trendy and perfect for that city flat you share with your favorite furriest of someones, these dog couches are just what you need to dress up his life and yours.

Lap of Luxury
Got a dog who likes living the high life? Then, this high rise dog couch is perfect for him. A bit taller than the average dog couch, this high rise is also stuffed to the max with comfy cozy comfort. If you have kids, you might find that they wind up taking a nap or two there too . . . which is perfectly ok, if Sparky is willing to share his favorite new spot for watching Saturday morning cartoons. (We hear Underdog is his favorite.)

Lots and Lots of Polka Dots
How cute and modern are these polka dotted sofas from Poochie Heaven? Perfect for the little girl with a pet who insists on sleeping at the foot of her bed, this sofa will give your little princess more foot room and your second favorite princess her own special place to slumber. Best of all, these dog couches are custom made when ordered – so no two are alike . . . and we think that fits the bill . . . since no dog is quite like yours, after all.

Puppish and Lavish
It’s fancy living and high browed society . . . all without the constant “Hey, not on the sofa!” These special sophisticated dog couches invite all the furry friends your pup can handle – and if it weren’t so small you might even try to sit on it yourself. (And go ahead and admit it. If you buy it, you WILL test it out.) Who knows, you might even find that Fido has to bark a “Hey, not on the sofa” out to you! (How’s that for a role reversal?)

When it comes to dog couches, the search really begins with what fits your budget. While some models are pricier, you can still find many styles that are both chic and economical. While pet stores carry plenty of varieties of dog beds, often times, dog couches are easier to find online.

Whether you choose a style that is mod and chic or a style that is manly and comfortable, when you choose a look that fits your dog’ fancy and yours, you are sure to walk away with a winner each and every time.



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