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Dog-Friendly Places to Stay In Santa Barbara

An environment to stroll your dog, not just at night but in the daytime sun too, is always something to look forward to. And no place is better suited for such an experience than the sun-soaked southern California. A favorite for many visitors, dog included.

Palm tree-lined beaches, a collection of fantastic and dog-friendly bars, restaurants, coffee houses, and independent stores. What more could you need? Dog-friendly beaches? Santa Barbra has them all. A public space? Santa Barbra has a 70-acre sprawling open space to walk your pooch.

Need refreshments, you will be spoilt for choice. All eateries and restaurants you find here are dog-friendly. Your only inconvenience is choosing one between some of the best dog-friendly places to stay in Santa Barbara.

Blue Sands Inn

One of the favorites for visitors in the area. A laid back hotel in an exclusive neighborhood. The hotel is located at the heart of Santa Barbra’s most classy and sought district. The hotel is the perfect access point to the town’s best art in terms of décor, food and creative touches.

Bedrooms decors here are one of a kind, impressive, and eco-friendly. You won’t regret spending a night here. Your pooch too. Let your four-legged friend accompany you when you hit the beach.

Hayley Hotel

Another excellent choice for dog lovers who appreciate art and style. Hayley hotel is one of the best dog-friendly places to stay in Santa Barbara. Over 17 stylish guest rooms that are also close to elegant coffee and bars in the area.

The Douglas family reserve is nearby to walk your dog in the evening, or any time of the day. In addition is a long stretch of waterfront that your dog can enjoy running. Chase Palm Park and shoreline park also nearby. There is plenty to enjoy at Hayley hotel

Hotel Indigo

For those looking for a funky and trendy hotel for their dog, Hotel Indigo is a great choice. A vibrant art hotel in the heart of Santa Barbara. Only steps away from the funk zone and the Amtrak train station. Hotel Indigo offers over 41 micro guest rooms with premium linens and wet bathrooms-European style

Take advantage of the bike rentals that guests in the hotel enjoy. Dogs are welcomed with open arms at hotel indigo, feel free to bring yours. But don’t bring all your dogs, only two at a maximum and less than 55 pounds.

Marina Beach Hotel

A relaxed beach hotel choice in downtown Santa Barbara. The marina beach hotel is a family-run hotel with elegant bedrooms, upgraded suites, and private baths. A great location with excellent choice of restaurants, bars, and shops nearby. Marina beach hotel is the place to be.

Don’t worry about your four-legged friend. They, too, can enjoy a beachfront adventure. You can stay with your dog in your room, provided you don’t leave him unattended.

Casa Del Mar Inn

A Spanish style hotel near the beautiful beaches of Santa Barbara, with a host of elegant bars and restaurants nearby. The facility offers breakfast style accommodation, pit fires, and spa treatment. Wine and cheese evenings and a spa at your leisure at Casa Del Mar Inn.

Your dog is welcome to join in your adventure — pet-friendly accommodation with lovely sceneries nearby to enjoy.

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